How to play Teen Patti Online: A Comprehensive Guide

December 14, 2022
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The rules for playing the traditional version of Teen Patti are pretty much the same whether you play online or offline. A virtual or live dealer version of the game at a casino site, on the other hand, will frequently deviate from the traditional rules and regulations. To help those who are not familiar with the game, we’ve outlined the rules of the conventional game, as well as how they change at betting sites. We’ll also explain how to get started playing it online. Simply put, you will learn all there is to know about playing Teen Patti for real money. Let’s get this Teen Patti party started!

What is Teen Patti? 

The Teenpatti game, which translates to “three cards,” is a card game that originated in the Indian subcontinent but is now popular across all of South Asia. The game is comparable to the English game, three-card brag, and draws inspiration from Poker. Teen Patti necessitates 3 to 6 participants. A 52-card deck is used, without the jokers.

How to start playing Teen Patti online?

Playing Teen Patti at online casinos is simple. You may begin dealing with the online casino game by following these basic steps:

  • Visit a reputable online casino, like the N8 Casino, that offers Teen Patti casino games.
  • Log in to your account or create a new one at the online casino.
  • Look for the Teen Patti game on the online casino site.
  • Select the Teen Patti table at which you want to play at the online casino.
  • Place your bet. You may also pace possible side bets, although this is optional.
  • After your cards are uncovered, choose whether to play or fold.
  • The dealer will then reveal the cards, and if you have better cards, you win; if not, you can try again later.

What are the rules of Teen Patti?

To understand the rules of Teen Patti game, you must first learn about the basic criteria, the game’s purpose, the hand rankings, how the game begins, and how it progresses (the betting procedure). It’s also a good idea to be familiar with some of the game’s jargon. Let’s have a look at everything: 

Teen Patti Terminology 

Hand: The three cards handed to you.

Hand value: Your hand’s strength. For example, suppose you have a pair.

Dealer: The person who distributes the cards, which determines the turn order.

Ante/boot: A sum of money that all players must place into the pot at the start of each gaming round.

Pot: The total sum of money that players have bet that can be won in a game round is referred to as the pot.

Blind: A blind player is one who has not looked at his cards.

Seen: A player is seen if he has looked at his cards.

Raise: This is doubling the stake for blind players and quadrupling the stake for seen players.

Chaal: For seen players, the two options ‘call’ and ‘raise’ are known as chaal.

Stake: The amount that the previous acting player selected to bet.

Bet: Putting money into the pot to stay in the game, either as a call or a raise.

Call: This equals matching the stake for blind players and double the stake for seen players.

Fold: Folding your hand means giving up your chances to win the pot.

Compromise/sideshow: This is when two seen players agree to secretly compare their cards. The loser must fold. This can happen at any time.

Showdown: All players reveal their cards to one another. The pot is awarded to the winner. This can only happen if there are two players remaining in a game round, unless it is played with a betting limit.

Betting limit: An optional rule that pushes all players to a showdown when the pot exceeds a particular amount.

The following are the requirements for playing Teen Patti

  • A deck of cards: Anglo-American
  • 52 playing cards (joker not included)
  • 2–10 players

Remember that the direction of turns in Teen Patti is always counterclockwise. 

Rules of Teen Patti 

Every casino game has regulations in place to ensure fair results and a better playing experience. Understand that aces are rated highest and twos are ranked lowest. So, when playing, try to acquire a top three-card hand and boost the pot before the game ends.

Teen Patti Card Rankings:

  • Highest to lowest
  • Set or trail (3 of the same rank): three cards of the same rank (3 aces are the highest and 3 twos are the lowest)
  • Straight flush pure sequence: these are three successive cards from the same suit.
  • Sequence (or run): the rule is three consecutive cards of a different suit.
  • Colour: The three cards of the same suit are not in a sequence according to this rule.
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank): The rule is that the card with the highest value wins amongst two pairs. Assume the pairings have the same value. The kicker’s card then determines the winner.
  • High Score: The hand in which three cards are not in sequence, are not of the same suit, and are not any two cards of the same value. The next highest card is used to decide who wins if two players have the same high card.

The sequence of Teen Patti games

As the most popular card game amongst Indian players, it also happens to be simple to learn. Because it is not like other online casino Poker or Card games, your bets must be in equal quantities.

Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti became popular all around the world, prompting the development of new variants. Teen Patti’s exciting and interesting game versions include Joker, Lowest Card Joker, 10X Boot, Maatha, Muflis, and AK47.

Hand rankings for Teen Patti

  • A Trio or Trail is a three-card sequence of the same rank, such as a triple 7.
  • A straight run comes after a three-card sequence of the same suit, for example, 5,6,7 of Heart.
  • The Normal Run happens when a three-card sequence in sequential order but of different suits occurs. A card combination of A of spade, J of club, and Q of diamond is an example.
  • A Flush on a three-card sequence of the same suit and colour that is not continuous, such as the 3, K, and 10 of spades.
  • A pair is made up of two cards of the same rank, such as A, A, and K.
  • The High Card is made up of a three-card sequence with unique suits and colours that are not in the order of having the highest ranking card in the sequence, such as A, K, and J.

Teen Patti Tips

  • Begin with low bets: This allows you to play many hands in a single session, giving you more opportunities to win.
  • Be reserved: When you have excellent hands, don’t be the first to gamble, and when you have lousy cards, don’t fold them too quickly. Reading other players is an important component of this game, and if you become too easy to read, you will have a tough time winning. If you have strong hands, do not rush in and steadily increase your wagers.
  • Don’t get overly emotional: Because this is a game of chance and ability, being excessively emotional might result in more losses than profits. When a player becomes emotional, they begin to make all of the wrong decisions.
  • Don’t be frightened to lose: In a poker game, it is impossible to win every hand. As a result, it’s ideal to increase the quantity of victories. A good player is someone who has more victories than losses, rather than all wins.
  • Before playing for money, be familiar with the game: It is critical that players completely comprehend the game before betting all of their money and losing it all.
  • Setting limitations before playing: When playing casino games like Teen Patti, keep a budget in mind. It is very discouraged to play with money that has been borrowed or saved for the purpose of paying expenses.

Apps to play Teen Patti Online

Teen Patti app download is available for the following card games on Google Play Store and Apple Store: 

  • Teen Patti Octro,
  • Teen Party Superstar
  • Teen Patti Live
  • Ultimate Teen Patti
  • Junglee Teen Patti,
  • Teen Patti Gold
  • Teen Patti by Pokerist 
  • Teen Patti Tycoon
  • and Teen Patti Spades Plus 

What is the difference between Online Teen Patti and Offline Teen Patti?

First and foremost, we must emphasize that it does not have to vary in any way. Traditional Teen Patti may be played online in the same way as it is in Indian families. N8 Casino, for example, enables you to play genuine Teen Patti against other gamers for money. This is not the case with the great majority of Teen Patti games available at online casinos. These are diametrically opposed.

In these games, you do not play against other players for a pot, but rather against the casino. This can be done with a live human dealer giving out actual cards in a live dealer game,, or you can play against a computer with virtual cards.

In conclusion 

Either of the two ending scenarios must occur for the three Patti games to terminate. Everyone packs and the last one standing wins. That’s all there is to it. Play Teen Patti for real money on a secure site like the N8, or download the N8 App. Our wide range of bonuses and promo codes is a boon for any Teen Patti enthusiast. 

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