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August 6, 2022
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If you’ve never been to an actual, brick-and-mortar casino with a lot of slot machines, all those flashing lights could dazzle and overwhelm you. But the fact is, you don’t really need to be too nervous playing casino slot games. On both online and offline platforms, slots are the easiest casino game to play. That said, there’s always something to learn when it comes to playing online slots, regardless of how well or how little you know about them. In this article, we will guide you on how to play slots online. We will also provide you with insider knowledge on the best online casinos to play at in 2022 in our online slots guide.

The evolution of slots games 

Table game players initially looked down on slots because they could bet only less money. However, slot machines quickly became popular with folks on a limited budget. So while the elites enjoyed complimentary drinks and food at the tables, slot players were happy with their limited winnings. However, the advent of online slots games, many of them with real money, helped in a rapid rise in popularity of slots. In fact, slots are currently the most popular and widely played online casino games on online casino platforms like N8 Casino.

Why did slots become so popular in the world of online casino gaming?

They’re the most popular among casino games online because they’re simple to learn and involve little to no skill, as opposed to Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat. Slots are the best option for those who want to test out any casino game. Furthermore, they are interesting and enjoyable, and they are designed with extra elements such as reels, free spins, and so on.

In our beginner’s guide, we’ll go through every facet of the game in detail. We intend to sharpen your slots skills. As simple as it is to play slots, you must understand the fundamentals of the game. You’ll also need a few strategies to assist you optimize your wins. All of this and more can be found in this guide.

How to play slots games

Slot machines are perfect for live casinos as they are quick and simple to understand and a lot of fun to play. Even if you’re new to online slots, our step-by-step guidance below will have you playing like a pro in no time.

Common slots terminology


How many of you have heard the phrase “spin the reels” at a casino and been perplexed? Your gaming device’s reels will show horizontally or in columns. You’ll discover various logos or symbols within those reels depending on the slot game you’re playing.

Classic slot machines feature three (3) reels. Video slots, on the other hand, can feature five (5), seven (7), or nine (9) reels. You win if a certain combination of symbols displays on a payline after you have wagered and spun.


A payline, as the name indicates, is a pattern that can result in a winning combination. Any slot game you play will have numbers shown on either game edge. A payline is a row that runs from left to right across the slot reels. Furthermore, paylines might include symbols in one row or alternating rows.

Slots paylines might range from one to fifty or more. Assume the slot you’re playing has 50 paylines. If you activate all paylines with the maximum stake, you’ll have 50 distinct winning combinations. For newbies, packing the payline might be frightening, so don’t worry. This is because slot machines automatically display the paylines that’ve won and pay out appropriately. The max bet button will be activated.


Probably the simplest concept to grasp in slots, rows run vertically in slots, and a game may have three or more rows. A payline is formed by the combination of specified symbols in a single row. Paylines, on the other hand, cannot always appear on the same row since they can move in any direction as long as matching symbols are present.


Symbols are the images that appear on the game’s reels. Depending on the game, you’re going to have different emblems. For example, if you play sports-themed slots, you’ll see symbols that correspond to the subject of the individual sport.

The icons have varied values, and aligning specific symbols will result in payouts according to their values. Higher rewards are associated with high-valued symbols, although the inverse is also true. Some symbols, however, have extra features like bonuses, wilds, and free spins. This will be discussed more in the following chapter of this text.

Payout table

The payoff table is an important aspect of the game. You might be able to hack it at slot games if you’re lucky. Flying in blind is not recommended. As a result, we recommend that you check the payout table for your preferred game before playing it.

The table shows which symbols form a winning combination and which symbols result in free spins. The table will also show you how much you stand to earn on specific combos, among other things.

Symbols in slot machines

We discussed what symbols are in slots before. We’ll go through the meanings of the most frequent slot symbols in depth below. You can unwrap the presents they contain by matching these symbols in particular combinations. Please keep in mind that these icons/symbols differ depending on the slot game you’re playing.

Wilds & Scatters

Scatters and wilds are special symbols that allow you to win bonuses. Wilds are important to players because when they occur in a win line, your chances of winning increase, and you eventually take home the prize!

Scatters help you remain in the game longer by providing mini-games, free games, and other perks. When you unlock a scatter symbol, you will also receive coin awards.

Simply go to the instruction page for each Slot machine game to learn what each symbol means. As a result, your chances of earning huge money increase.

Sticky Symbols

If you fall on this symbol, your reel will stay in place for multiple spins. They’re frequently difficult to obtain, but when you do, you only need to match two icons to win.

Multiplier Symbols

If you happen to land on a multiplier symbol, your earnings are multiplied. The multiplier can enhance your payoff by 4x, 2x, or 6x depending on the slot you’re playing. Unfortunately, these are uncommon symbols that are prominent in online slots.

They give a new level of excitement to the game. Who wouldn’t want a multiplier to boost their winnings? In rare cases, wild and scatter symbols can act as multipliers. That would dramatically increase your payouts.

Bonus Symbols

When you hit a bonus symbol, you’ll be taken away from your usual spins and taken to a bonus game or round. You may receive free spins throughout the bonus rounds, increasing your chances of winning.

Stacked Symbols

These symbols enable conventional icons to fill more than one reel space. As a result, your odds of finding a matched combination are increased. If you happen to land a stacked wild symbol, your winning chances rise tremendously.

Getting started with online slots games

Now that you are familiar with the game’s key elements and symbols, let’s get to the interesting part: how to play slots. Let the fun begin! As previously said, playing slot games is simple. Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Sign up for an account on a trustworthy site like the N8 casino and deposit money into it.
  2. Choose your favourite slot game from their list of recommended casino games.
  3. To find out how much each symbol is worth, look at the game’s pay table.
  4. Decide which paylines you want to play. If you want to play all of the paylines, click the ‘Max Bet’ option.
  5. To spin the reels, press the ‘Spin’ button. Your prizes will be shown on your screen if you win.

That wasn’t that difficult, was it? That’s it for now, but that’s not the end.

Online Slots Types

The number of reels of a slot machine is usually used to identify it. In this regard, there are mainly three types of online slots, which are explained below.

1. Classic Slots

These kinds of slots are also known as 3-reel slots. You may also hear them referred to as ‘one-arm bandits.’ The term derives from classic slot machines, which required the player to pull a lever to start a spin. 

These are the ideal versions to begin with for beginners. This is because they are simple to play, learn, and move quickly. At traditional slots, landing three matching symbols will win you the jackpot. Although the number of reels reduces a player’s chances of winning, traditional slots feature the highest rewards.

2. Video Slots

Video slots, often known as 5-reel slots, are an enhanced version of classic slots. They feature great in-game visuals and fun gameplay tunes. That would entice anyone. Furthermore, these are the most popular slots at online casinos and the forefathers of modern-day slots.

5-reel slots inherently have more paylines. As a result, you have a far higher chance of winning than with traditional slots. Video slots offer extra elements, such as free spins, that enhance the game’s appeal.

3. Progressive Jackpot Slots

Video slots, often known as 5-reel slots, are an improvement over conventional slots. They feature great in-game visuals and fun gameplay tunes. That would entice anyone. Furthermore, these are the most popular slots at online casinos and the forefathers of modern-day slots.

5-reel slots inherently have more paylines. As a result, you have a far higher chance of winning than with traditional slots. Video slots offer extra elements, such as free spins, that enhance the game’s appeal.

Slot Games Tips

We’ve done the research for you. All you have to do is follow our helpful suggestions when playing slots. This will result in a virtuoso performance at the slots.

  • Set deposit limits to help you manage your money. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Decide how much you are willing to lose and stop playing when you reach that limit.
  • Choose the slots with the highest RTP percentage (RTP percent). The RTP of each game varies. Some have 98 percent, while others have 97 percent. So, please pick the best because it increases your chances of winning.
  • Bet on as many paylines as your money allows. Betting on many paylines increases your chances of winning.
  • It’s commonly known among gamblers to cease playing after a huge gain. If you keep playing, you may lose everything.
  • You could learn the rules and gameplay of any game by playing the demo version for free. You may then play real money slots. Furthermore, you can also play free slots variations at our casino.
  • Play only at reputable online casinos like N8 Casino.
  • Finally, remember to play responsibly, have fun, and not get carried away by emotions. 

Which casino offers the best online slots?

N8 casino is not just for the wide range of games offered but also for whopping casino bonuses and promos. Not just that, N8 also offers easy and secure payment via the most popular payment methods in India. Some of the slots games we offer are Sweet Bonanza, Wild West Gold, Robinhood, Clash of Pirates, Fruitsland and many more. You can also download our easy and convenient n8 app so that you can play your favourite online slot games from anywhere you want.

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