Top 10 Tennis Betting Tips to Help You Win Big

February 6, 2023
tennis betting tips

Want to become an expert at tennis betting? Use N8’s 10 easy-to-follow tips as your roadmap for success and maximize your potential winnings!

If you’re considering placing a bet on a tennis match, it’s important to know the basics of betting. With our easy-to-follow tips, you’ll soon be an expert at tennis betting in no time and improve your chances of winning at online tennis betting.

Why bet on tennis online? 

Quite simply because you can increase your anticipation of a tennis match by placing a wager on the outcome! However, long-term success on online tennis betting on betting sites requires adherence to certain guidelines.

Betting on a Grand Slam or a Challenger Tour event requires the same level of careful deliberation and attention to detail as any other sport. In order to maximize your chances of winning your tennis wagers, you should adhere to these five guidelines.

The most important tennis betting tips to know

  1. Research the Player Profile and Statistics

Do your homework before starting tennis betting online. Spend some time getting to know the players’ stats and history. Having knowledge of their competition and their own track record of accomplishment will help you make a well-informed decision and boost your chances of winning. 

Look at the tennis betting odds, head-to-head records, and past outcomes of both players to see who you think will come out on top in this upcoming match. Then look deeper than what you initially see. If competing against other athletes, how have the teams or players fared? Who scored the game-winning goal? What about the times when they’ve met in competition before? 

Your predictions may be significantly influenced by both of these elements. Examine the outcomes of their games, sets, and the overall score. Find interviews in which they discuss the ups and downs of their season. Do what you can to learn this person’s odds of winning the game.

  1. Consider the Player’s Recent Physical and Mental Condition

The players’ health and mindset should also be taken into account. In sports like tennis, it often boils down to the mental toughness of the athlete. Consider aspects such as recent results, coaching changes, player injuries, player troubles, etc. All of these factors have the potential to influence a player’s actions and results. Before placing a tennis bet online, make sure you are aware of how your chosen players are performing right now.

Expert tennis bettors, however, argue that a player’s record is meaningless if it does not account for the total number of matches they have played. But it’s a good idea to research the latest five to ten matches played by any tennis players you’re considering betting on. 

Check each player’s victory percentage versus their loss percentage. The most relevant information is the most recent. The squad or person you’re backing must be in peak physical condition, with plenty of energy and a strong desire to win.

But don’t only focus on the bottom line. Take a look at the final tally in the set. Perhaps it will come in help when wagering on individual sets rather than the entire match.

  1. Don’t Just Stick with the Heavyweights – Check out Upcoming Players

When betting on a professional event, it can be tempting to bet on the players with the most well-known names. However, if you check out some of the up-and-coming players or dark horses, you have a better chance of winning greater tennis betting payouts if your bet turns out to be correct. 

Websites such as Star Sports and N8 provide in-depth data and information sections on their websites, which can assist you in making an informed choice. Also, don’t forget to tune in to the game in real time; doing so will provide you with a fresh perspective on the action on the field as well as the thoughts running through the minds of the players.

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  1. Analyze Previous Matches Between Opponents

Analyzing the head-to-head record of two players, paying great attention to matches played on that specific surface, can frequently yield helpful insights if the analysis is done correctly. Observing and breaking down the history of prior contests between two competitors can produce profitable betting opportunities. 

Which of the two players’ strategies did you find to be the most effective in comparison to the others? How did the playing styles of each player compare to those of the other players? Make the most of this information by using it to your advantage when you are determining who you will bet on for a particular match or even for the tournament as a whole.

  1. Factor on Court Type and Playing Surface 

Because the surface affects the way the ball bounces, the speed at which the game is played, and a player’s ability to manoeuvre around the court, certain players are better suited to play on specific surfaces. Because of this, many tennis players have particular court types or playing surfaces that they prefer to use. Some players may choose to play on clay because it allows for more controlled groundstrokes, while others may find that the grass surface is more conducive to speedier volleys and serves. 

Find out what kind of court or playing surface the match will take place on and utilise that information to your advantage when making your decision about which player to bet on. People have a tendency to play better on particular surfaces, and if you are aware of this information, you will have a greater chance of making an informed judgement regarding who will be successful. 

Playing on the home field and playing on the territory of the opponent both have the potential to have an effect on the outcome of the game, which may sound strange to some people. The quality of the field itself, including the grass on it, is also relevant. When placing a wager on tennis, you should, as a result, pay attention to the venue in which the match will be played.

  1. Consider all Your Tennis Betting Options

Many tennis fans limit themselves to betting solely on who will emerge victorious from a certain match or event, but by doing so they are missing out on a number of intriguing possibilities. The best betting companies like N8,  typically provide dozens of markets on a single match, giving you a greater chance of finding a wager that works with your predictions.

Rather than trying to pick a winner, you may wager on the total number of games played, therefore allowing you to wager on whether or not the match would be decided swiftly or drag on for several hours. In order to increase your winnings when betting on a favourite, you can either offer that player a games handicap or a fixed handicap, or you can back a right score (in sets).

You can also wager on an underdog to win by a certain number of games or sets rather than the match total. Live, in-play betting on tennis matches is also something to think about because it can present exciting opportunities to get additional value on a favourite.

It is common to find far greater odds on a player winning the match after the first set if that player is having trouble in the opening set. It is possible to generate educated in-match forecasts if you are armed with information such as the percentage of break points each player has converted, the percentage of break points they have saved, and the percentage of service games they have won.

  1. Learn More about Tennis Betting Odds

Tennis betting odds are unique ratios that indicate a player’s potential return on investment should they win. Our betting odds guide has all the specifics, but the general idea is that better odds mean a player has a higher chance of winning.

The N8 app and website both feature these odds for all upcoming tennis matches. You can take the odds ratio as a good and helpful hint because it wasn’t just made up out of thin air; it was developed with input from professionals. Don’t take that as a command. It is imperative that you keep in mind the fact that you are responsible for developing your own personal method of prediction and tennis betting strategy. After getting some experience under your belt, you’ll be able to function as your own betting advisor.

  1. Check Out Multiple Tennis Betting Sites 

If you want to make as much money as possible betting on tennis, you need to sign up for accounts at several different sites. This is helpful in the short term because you can get a lot of welcome bonuses. Just make sure to stick to offers that only require you to bet 1x the bonus amount.

But the main reason to sign up for a lot of different betting sites is to compare the odds they give on each game. This makes it easy to find the site with the best odds on a bet you want to make and get them before they change.

That will make sure you get the most money out of each bet, and if you follow this rule consistently, you will have a much better chance of coming out ahead at the end of the year. It also makes it easy for you to take advantage of any attractive promotions that betting sites offer to their regular customers before a big tournament. These promotions can also improve your chances of making money in the long run.

  1. Review Your Tennis Predictions

You can make an educated guess about which tennis player has a better chance of winning after weighing all the available evidence. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t bet away more than you can afford to lose; after all, the point of the trip is to relax and have a good time, not to spend all your cash.

It’s normal to have doubts, so don’t worry about it. In the spirit of lighthearted wagering, you may choose to wager on such trivial matters as the outcome of the first set or the match’s total (over/under). You can practise making bets with a friend without risking any real cash.

Even so, a convenient and trustworthy betting site may be what you need for the most effective practice with tennis betting tips. The betting options and tennis betting markets on N8 are extensive, and the site is reliable and easy to use. Daily visits will help you hone your skills in preparation for the many tennis tournaments and wagers we provide.

  1. Use Only Reputable Betting Sites for Tennis Betting

Yes, we did mention that you need to check out multiple sites, but before you sign up you must make sure that the betting site is reputable. In India, there are a plethora of betting sites, making it tough to settle on one. We promise to assist you, though, so don’t worry.

Some important things to keep in mind when picking a tennis betting site are:

  • Tennis betting options
  • Tennis betting odds
  • Tennis betting features (live betting, cash out, live streaming, etc.)
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Availability of mobile app

We’re proud to say that N8 ticks the boxes for all the above criteria. So what are you waiting for? 


Tennis betting tips – FAQs

  • Where can I bet on tennis?

    Bets on tennis can be placed at any reputable casino website like N8, including those run by exchanges and bookmakers alike.

  • How much money do you need to start betting on tennis?

    You definitely don’t have to be a millionaire when betting with N8! Some bookmakers will only let you in if you bet a lot.

  • Which tennis bets are easiest to predict?

    If you’re looking for an easier way to wager on tennis, go no further than live betting, where you can bet on the action as it unfolds. Predicting the winner is the most significant consequence in both situations.

  • What are the odds of favourites winning in tennis?

    While the exact percentages vary between the various sources, it seems that in an average of 250 three-set matches, the favoured player won more than 68% of the time.

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