Highest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Score

May 27, 2024
highest icc men's t20 world cup score

Teams have routinely set and surpassed incredible scores in the Highest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Score. This has resulted in thrilling cricket matches. The greatest team score in the history of the competition was reached by Sri Lanka, who against Kenya in 2007 accumulated an incredible 260/6 while displaying incredible batting ability. Joe Root’s outstanding performance helped England a lot. Their score upset South Africa in 2016 with a total of 230/8. South Africa defeated England 229/4 in the same match. India also left a lasting impact with their 2007 218/4 against England. This gave rise to Yuvraj Singh’s fabled six sixes in an over. The T20 World Cup is an exciting tournament. It highlights the extraordinary skill of international cricket players. It also shows the unpredictable character of the T20 format.

Top 10 | Highest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Score in History

Sri Lanka – 260/6 vs Kenya (2007)

With a massive 260/6 against Kenya in the first-ever ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Sri Lanka set the bar for great scores. This places them as the Highest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Score. Combining aggressive batting with shrewd play, this team total is still the highest in the tournament’s history. Sri Lanka’s innings, which was played on September 14, 2007, in Johannesburg, included brilliant performances that led to an astounding run rate of 13.00 throughout the 20 overs. The top-order batsmen easily destroyed the Kenyan bowling attack with their incredible power and skill. With this commanding performance in T20I #27, Sri Lanka demonstrated their ability to adjust to the fast-paced T20 format and established a benchmark for upcoming World Cup sides to strive towards.

England – 230/8 vs South Africa (2016)

With two balls remaining in a thrilling chase at Wankhede, England reached 230/8, defeating South Africa’s imposing total. This match took place on March 18, 2016, during T20I #540. The match is well-known for England’s amazing runfest and comeback. England showed incredible batting depth and determination as they batted at a run rate of 11.69 while chasing a huge score. Joe Root and other players made major contributions to England’s innings. This helped them upset South Africa in a thrilling game. The match perfectly captured the thrill and unpredictable nature of Twenty20 cricket. It also showcased England’s resilience and strategic intelligence under pressure.

South Africa – 229/4 vs England (2016)

South Africa’s T20I #540 displayed their batting prowess on March 18, 2016, in Wankhede. They played with an outstanding 229/4 against England that same day. South Africa’s batsmen established a challenging bar for England. This put up a run rate of 11.45 over 20 overs from their top-order batsmen. Despite this impressive result, England’s winning chase overshadowed their efforts. The high-scoring contest revealed both teams’ hitting prowess. It also showed how unpredictable Twenty20 cricket can be.

India – 218/4 vs England (2007)

On September 19, 2007, in T20I #40 in Durban, India’s formidable batting order took the stage as they scored 218/4 against England. With amazing technique, India’s batsmen maintained a run rate of 10.90 across 20 overs. The remarkable feat of Yuvraj Singh is what makes this match noteworthy. Yuvraj’s brilliant performance showed the high-octane action of Twenty20 cricket. It helped India set an impressive total. This historic game not only displayed India’s batting ability but also sealed Yuvraj Singh’s legacy in T20 cricket.

South Africa – 211/5 vs Scotland (2009)

On June 7, 2009, at The Oval in T20I #94 versus Scotland, South Africa maintained their run of impressive results with a 211/5 total. South Africa’s batting order proved once again that they are capable of dominating and scoring large totals in important games, with a run rate of 10.55 over 20 overs. They made sure to establish a difficult standard for Scotland with their strong and reliable batting performance. South Africa is seen as one of the most threatening teams in the tournament, and their show of batting brilliance highlighted their strength and tactical approach in the T20 format.

India – 210/2 vs Afghanistan (2021)

On November 3, 2021, in Abu Dhabi, India’s strong batting order won once more. This time it was against Afghanistan. They scored 210/2 in T20I #1390. India’s top-order batsmen showed their depth and consistency in T20 cricket. They also put up a convincing performance that included a run rate of 10.50 over 20 overs. India’s intensity to score massive totals was displayed by their performance. This also strengthened its standing as one of the strongest batting teams in the competition. The aggressive stroke play showed India’s T20 match strategy and their unwavering quest for high scores.

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ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2024
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South Africa – 209/5 vs Afghanistan (2016)

On March 20, 2016, South Africa played Afghanistan in T20I #542, at Wankhede, and showed off their depth at the batting bowl by scoring 209/5. Once again, South Africa’s potent batting order showed that they could set lofty goals, scoring 10.45 runs per 20 overs. Their performance solidified their standing as one of the most dynamic and reliable sides in the history of the T20 World Cup. The aggressive stroke play and calculated alliances that characterized the innings demonstrated South Africa’s skill and tactical approach in the quick-paced T20 format.

South Africa – 208/2 vs West Indies (2007)

When South Africa defeated the West Indies in T20I #20 on September 11, 2007, in Johannesburg, they reached 208/2 in just 17.4 overs, demonstrating their ability to chase down big scores. South Africa’s aggressive batting attitude was clear as they easily overcame a difficult target with an impressive run rate of 11.77. The top-order batsmen put on fantastic displays during the innings, applying constant pressure to the West Indies spinners. This outstanding chase demonstrated South Africa’s potent batting depth and tactical aggression, reinforcing their status as a T20 cricket powerhouse and highlighting their penchant for exciting, high-scoring matches.

West Indies – 205/6 vs South Africa (2007)

When the West Indies played South Africa in T20I #20 on September 11, 2007, in Johannesburg, they set a lofty goal of 205/6. The West Indies demonstrated their batting power with aggressive stroke play and well-planned partnerships, amassing a run rate of 10.25 over 20 overs. But despite their huge total, South Africa’s victorious chase took center stage in this high-scoring encounter. The fact that South Africa was able to pursue such a difficult target showed their batting depth, skill, and resiliency. The game demonstrated the thrill and unpredictable nature of Twenty20 cricket, where strong totals can be overcome with focused and calculated play. This keeps viewers on the edge of their seats right up until the very last ball.

West Indies – 205/4 vs Australia (2012)

On October 5, 2012, at Colombo (RPS), West Indies displayed their batting prowess once more as they defeated Australia with a strong score of 205/4. The West Indies batsmen, who have a run rate of 10.25 over 20 overs, have reinforced their position as one of the most dangerous teams in the T20 format with their aggressive stroke play and clever partnerships. This innings demonstrated the West Indies’ depth and skill in the game’s shortest format while highlighting their ability to set formidable totals against elite opponents. The West Indies remain a strong force in T20 cricket because of their performance in this match, which epitomized their explosive and entertaining brand of cricket.

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Which side has ever had the most points in an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match?

When Sri Lanka played Kenya on September 14, 2007, in Johannesburg, the highest team total in an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match was achieved.

Which teams have scored more than 200 runs in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup?

Several teams have scored more than 200 runs in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup matches, including Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, India, and the West Indies.

In an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match, what is the most successful run chase?

At Wankhede on March 18, 2016, England defeated South Africa by a run chase of 230/8, which stands as the best successful run chase in an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match.

Within an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match, who has hit the most sixes in an over?

In an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament, Yuvraj Singh of India stands as the record holder for most sixes—six in a single over. In Durban on September 19, 2007, he accomplished this feat against England.

Where did the highest team total in an ICC Men’s T20 World Cup match occur?

At Johannesburg’s Wanderers Stadium, during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, on September 14, 2007, Sri Lanka defeated Kenya with 260/6, a record that still stands today.


Teams have often pushed the envelope to set records for scoring in the Highest ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Score. This has resulted in some incredible batting displays. The dramatic 230/8 chase by England against South Africa is one example. Secondly, Sri Lanka’s historic 260/6 against Kenya are just two examples of exciting T20 cricket matches. Every high-scoring match in the competition has created a lasting impression on fans all around the world. These record-breaking performances are proof of the talent. Every time the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is held, fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling contests. They look forward to unforgettable moments on the cricket field.

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