Everything You Need to Know About Online Cricket Betting 

November 7, 2022
online cricket betting

Leather scraping on willow, chess-like strategic calculations, athletic movements, and an odd preoccupation with clouds and dew all contribute to its character. Cricket and cricket betting have spread like wildfire over the globe. Nowhere more than in India!  After all, for Indians, cricket is nothing short of a religion. India’s love for the grand old game is evident in the love for online cricket betting too, and N8 is the right place for cricket betting. 

Why N8 games you wonder? Just like in India, we at N8 don’t just like cricket, we absolutely love it. We try to match your enthusiasm for the game by giving you the best in cricket betting from domestic and international contests, encompassing all forms of the men’s and women’s game from all over the world. With us, you’ll have access to a wide choice of pre-game and in-play markets, as well as some of the most competitive cricket odds available anywhere.

Guide on Cricket Betting Basics

After reading our step-by-step guide, you will be able to place bets on cricket matches online with ease.

Sign up

Step one is to sign up for an account on a website of your choosing. Almost all betting sites on the internet require you to fill out a registration form with personal information like your name, address, e-mail address, and banking details in order to place a bet.


You can start placing bets as soon as you finish the signup process and create an account and fund it with money. You can use a debit or credit card to finance your account if you’re betting from a legal jurisdiction, such as the United States.

Place bets

Once you’ve signed up for an account and deposited funds, you’ll be able to begin online betting on cricket. Selecting cricket from the available sports will lead you to a schedule of upcoming games. A list of all bets, together with the odds for cricket betting, will be displayed after the match of your choice has been selected. To place a bet, simply click on the bet and a bet slip will be generated for you to complete.

If you want to be successful with online cricket betting, you need to follow these basic guidelines. It’s possible that the specific steps will vary significantly from one website to the next.

What are the various types of online bets that can be placed on cricket matches?

The most prominent services for online cricket betting allow punters access to a diverse assortment of betting markets. This covers everything from the most fundamental concepts to the most complex ones. Let’s take a more in-depth look at them, shall we?

Match Winner

This is the most prevalent form of bet that can be seen on betting websites for cricket. When placing a bet on the winner of a limited-overs match, you are required to provide an accurate prediction regarding which team will come out on top. There is also a third betting option available for Test matches, and that is a match that ends in a draw.

Toss winner

If you want to win this bet, you need to properly predict which team will bat or bowl first at the beginning of the match. Cricket matches always begin with a toss of the coin to determine which team will bowl or bat first. Both of these cricket teams have the identical betting options available to them in this market.

Top batsman or bowler

You are required to provide a prediction on which batsman will finish an innings or match with the most runs scored and which bowler will finish with the best bowling numbers. Your bet will be considered null and worthless in the event that the batsman or bowler you choose is not included in the playing eleven for the relevant match. If your player is selected for the starting eleven but does not bat or bowl, your team will be penalized, and the game will be considered a loss.

Total match boundaries

This kind of bet typically falls inside a certain number range, such as 40-50 limits per innings. Bookmakers may also give odds for a certain amount exceeding or falling below a certain threshold. You can also place an online bet on the total number of boundaries, which can include fours and sixes, or just one of those numbers. The odds for the number of sixes scored by a batter or during an innings are a popular feature of online IPL betting. You can also place a bet on the total number of boundaries in an innings of a test match, which is often the first innings.

Man of the Match

You have to make a prediction about who will have the best performance on the field during that match. This bet involves a high degree of risk and calls for a sound strategy as well as extensive familiarity with the line ups of both teams’ players. In most cases, the player of the match award goes to a batsman from the team that ultimately won.

Highest opening

Predict the opening batsman for the team that will end up with the most runs scored in the game. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research, since it is possible that a certain batsman has a terrible record while playing against a particular bowler.

Take into consideration the following information before you start online cricket betting. A significant amount of time spent doing research can go a very long way.

How are betting odds calculated for cricket?

It is essential to have a solid comprehension of what betting odds entail before beginning to participate in online betting. It is possible that they will initially appear difficult and puzzling to you, but the more you learn about them, the greater your chances of becoming a successful bettor. The following is an explanation of cricket betting odds and how they are calculated.

Odds in bets are a reflection of the possibility that a certain outcome will occur and provide an estimate of the final result of a bet.

Take into consideration the following scenario: Australia and England are participating in a one-day international match. There is a 1.80 chance that Australia will triumph in the match. As a consequence of this, the following formula will be used to determine Australia’s odds of winning this match:

Probability equals one-tenth of a decimal chance

As a consequence of this, Australia has a 1 in 1.80, which equates to 0.5555, or 55.55 percent chance of winning this match.

You can figure out how much money you will take home if your bet is successful by using this method.

Your Winnings will be equal to Your Stake multiplied by Your Odds, from which you then subtract Your Stake. 

The various types of cricket betting odds 

Cricket betting odds are determined in a number of different methods. The most common are:

Fractional Betting Odds

This format for expressing betting odds has been around the longest and is the one that is used the most. It is depicted as two columns that are split up by a slash in between them. The amount that you stand to earn on your bet in exchange for the amount that you bet is shown in the left column, while the amount that you bet is shown in the right column.

Decimal Betting Odds

This is not a difficult idea to understand at all. It is not a profit, but rather the amount earned for every rupee wagered; it is included in the final payout, and it takes into account your risk.

American Betting Odds

It is more difficult to understand than the other two, and the majority of sportsbooks in the United States employ it. The amount of money you will make on a bet of $100 is denoted by positive odds, whereas the amount of profit you will make on a bet of $100 is denoted by negative odds. On the other side, negative odds refer to the amount of money that must be bet in order to make a profit of $100. They are similar to fractional odds in that the total payment does not take into account your stake.

Betting on cricket may be a difficult procedure for beginners, which is where we come in. That’s why the N8 sportsbook offers a detailed study of all areas of cricket betting that can assist you in mastering the art of cricket betting.

Why choose N8 for online cricket betting

In just the past couple of years, the market for online betting in India has experienced phenomenal expansion. Fans of Indian cricket frequently participate in online betting on their favourite sport. The immensely popular IPL tournament has been the primary driver of the most significant increase in online betting.

The Asia Cup and World Cup, as well as the IPL will feature massive amounts of betting. N8 is now one of the top apps for betting on cricket that can be played online. N8 not only provides a generous first deposit bonus but also reload bonuses that can be claimed on a weekly basis. Not enough reason? Well, there’s the N8 app that will let you do online cricket betting from any place and at any time you want.

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