N8 Team Up with Friends Bonus

September 19, 2022
N8 Team up bonus

N8 the top online casino and sports betting site in India is pumped up to bring another thrilling bonus, the ‘Team Up with Friendsbonus

N8 is your one-stop destination for sports betting, live casino, card games, and slot games. Under sports betting, you have a chance to bet on your favorite sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Kabaddi, and more. N8 offers the best live casino in India and has exciting games such as online roulette, online blackjack, and live poker in its repertoire. Online casino card games such as Rummy, Poker, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, etc. offer next-level entertainment. Are you one who loves playing video slots and online slots? If yes, then N8 is the perfect place for you.

Latest N8 Casino Bonus – Team Up with Friends on N8

Want to play amazing and entertaining online casino games with your friends? Team up with your friends on India’s most popular live casino platform – N8 Games by sharing promotional links or QR codes. This special friends bonus is divided into 2 activities as follows:

Activity 1: Invite Friends with Courtesy

In this activity, you need to send promotional links or QR codes to your friends. Once the friend you have invited deposits a minimum of 100 on the same day, you will receive a 100 bonus in your account the very next day.

Every invitee will give you 100 on a minimum 100 deposit done by them. For example, if you invite 2 friends, and both of them deposit 100 or more, you will get a 2*100 = 200 bonus.

Number of InvitedInvitation Bonus

Activity 2: Team Welfare

The participants who complete Activity 1 successfully will be recognized as a successful team throughout the event. The bonuses of the following related gears are available to the invited members who successfully complete the appropriate game tasks. The more invitations, the more bonuses they will earn.

Game TaskTotal deposit of the invitee
on the day is >3000
Valid Bets made
on the day >30000
Invitees                300500
Inviter                300500

Note: Activity 2 will be allocated according to the highest bonus.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Members who successfully complete [Activity 1] will automatically participate in this activity, therefore there is no need to apply. Within 48 hours of the next day, [Activity 1] incentives will be delivered to the central wallet. Within 48 hours of the next day, bonuses for [Activity 2] will be delivered to the central wallet. With a single turnover, this action just has to be discontinued.
  2. Each player and IP address may only be suggested once, and both the inviter and the invitee are prohibited from registering their IPs. The cooperating agent’s downline is not relevant to this offer.
  3. The same mobile phone number, name, email address, bank account, and other details may only be used once per gaming account. If there are violators, they won’t qualify for the bonus.
  4. The platform retains the right to cancel or freeze the account in question without prior warning, withholding the payment and blacklisting the user if any person or group arbitrarily collects the bonus in an atypical fashion.
  5. N8 retains the right to make the final interpretation of this event in order to avoid misunderstandings based on the wording.

Other Top-notch N8 bonuses

While the newly introduced bonus ‘Team Up with Friends’ is something that you should get, there are other bonuses to watch out for on the N8 Games.

Instant Surprise Bonus


Instant Surprise Bonus offers an amazing 3% bonus on any deposit, on every crypto payment USDT (Tether). Tether cryptocurrency is stable and the payment done using this cryptocurrency gives you an instant bonus in your account.

buy crypto

Are you hoping to ride the crypto wave? Need information on how to buy Tether (USDT) in India? You’ve hit pay dirt! We’ll help you by sharing all the information we have on how to buy USDT in India. 

First Deposit Bonus

A deposit of at least 500 qualifies for the first deposit bonus. The bonus scheme is as follows:

Deposit AmountBonusBet AmountWithdrawal Limit

150030000Deposit Amount * 5

Everyday Bonus

Everyday bonus is up to 30%, depending on the day and minimum deposit made. The bonus structure is as follows:

DayBonus %Rolled OverMinimum DepositMaximum Bonus

Bonus on each Deposit

N8 live casino rewards its new and returning players with an additional bonus, where the minimum deposit is 500. This bonus has the following structure:

Deposit AmountBonus AmountBetting Turnover

Additional Bonus on Higher Deposit

Users who want an additional bonus must deposit more money each day—a minimum of 10,000. The extra bonus structure for bigger deposits is as follows:

Daily Deposit AmountBonus on the dayBetting Turnover

Win Bigger get Bigger Bonus

Winning big can give you bigger bonuses. The Win Bigger Get Bigger Bonus scheme is as follows:

Profit Amount of the DayBonusRolled Over

N8 offers the best casino bonuses to its users. If you are looking to spend quality time playing online casino games, then download the N8 app and get started. Make use of the Team Up with Friends bonus and other bonuses.

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