Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024 | All You Need to Know

July 2, 2024
Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024

The Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024 is prepared to deliver another season of high-energy cricket to fans throughout the world. The competition begins on July 5, 2024. The finale is all on August 4, 2024. Since its beginning on August 16, 2016, when MS Dhoni launched the maiden edition in Chennai, the TNPL has increased in popularity. This year’s event aims to feature a diverse mix of local talent and experienced players. This ensures excitement, drama, and high-quality performances. With a full itinerary, teams are preparing to battle at historic venues throughout Tamil Nadu.

Each squad is carefully assembled, combining developing talents with seasoned veterans to provide a competitive advantage. As teams compete on the field, you can expect strong rivalries and amazing finishes. Moreover, the TNPL live is expected to have spectacular performances. TNPL 2024 pledges an unforgettable cricketing experience that celebrates the essence of Tamil Nadu cricket and delivers pure entertainment to fans everywhere.

Match Schedule

The TNPL league 2024 will kick off on July 5th at the Salem Cricket Foundation Ground in Salem. Here are the other matches. 

5th July, 2024Lyca Kovai Kings vs. Chepauk Super GilliesSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
6th July, 2024Dindigul Dragons vs. Trichy Grand CholasSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem15:15
6th July, 2024SKM Salem Spartans vs. Siechem Madurai PanthersSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
7th July, 2024Nellai Royal Kings vs. Chepauk Super GilliesSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
7th July, 2024Lyca Kovai Kings vs. Idream Tiruppur TamizhansSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
8th July, 2024Dindigul Dragons vs. SKM Salem SpartansSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
9th July, 2024Siechem Madurai Panthers vs. Trichy Grand CholasSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15
10th July, 2024Chepauk Super Gillies vs. Idream Tiruppur TamizhansSalem Cricket Foundation Ground, Salem19:15

Tamil Nadu Premier League | Squad & Players

SKM Salem Spartans

Batters: Abishiek S, Kavin R, Sudhan Sanjeevi Kandeepan, Robin Bist

All Rounders: Vivek R, Vishal Vaidhya K, Ganesh Moorthi M, and others

Wicket Keeper: Rajan R

Bowlers: Guru Sayee S, Sachin Rathi, Yazh Arun Mozhi M E

Chepauk Super Gillies

Batters: Sibi R, Mathan Kumar S, Andre Siddarth C, Jagadeesan Narayan

All Rounders: Abhishek Tanwar, Pradosh Ranjan Paul, Aparajith B, and others

Wicket Keeper: Santhosh Kumar D

Bowlers: Periyasamy G, Rahil S Shah, Iyappan B, Aswin Crist A

Lyca Kovai Kings

Batters: Suresh Kumar J, Sachin B, Ram Arvindh R, Sujay S, Vignesh G V, Shahrukh Khan, Sai Sudharsan

All Rounders: Mohammed M, Mukilesh U, Atheeq Ur Rahman M A, and others

Bowlers: Gowtham Thamarai Kannan K, Jhathavedh Subramanyan, Manish G R, M Siddharth

Siechem Madurai Panthers

Batters: Lokeshwar S

All Rounders: Swapnil Singh, Washington Sundar, Kiran Akash L, and others

Wicket Keeper: Ajay Chetan J

Bowlers: Murugan Ashwin, Gurjapneet Singh, Ajay K Krishnan, Alexandar R

Trichy Grand Cholas

Batters: Jafar Jamal, Mani Bharathy K, Rajkumar K

All Rounders: Saravana Kumar P, Antony Dhas W, Ganga Sridhar Raju V, and others

Wicket Keeper: Mohammed Ashik N

Bowlers: Athisayaraj Davidson V, Easwaran K, Rejin J, Arya Yohan Menon

Nellai Royal Kings

Batters:  Nidhish S Rajagopal, Arun Karthick K B, Suryapprakash L, G Ajitesh

All Rounders: Sonu Yadav, Mokit Hariharan R S, Gowtham V, and others

Wicket Keeper: Abilash A V

Bowlers: Mohan Prasath S, Emmanuel Cherian B, Silambarasan R

Dindigul Dragons

Batters: Vimal Khumar R, Adithya Ganesh, Om Nitin K, Aashiq K, Affan Khader M

All Rounders: Shivam Singh, Rocky B, Subodh Bhati, and others

Bowlers: Varun Chakravarthy, Sandeep Warrier, Diran V P, Vignesh P

Idream Tiruppur Tamizhans

Batters: Tushar Raheja R, Anirudh Sita Ram B, Ganesh S, Mohamed Ali S

All Rounders: Ajith Ram S, Radhakrishnan S, Karuppusamy A, and others

Wicket Keeper: Amith Sathvik V P, Ram Kumar R

Bowlers: Manigandan S, T Natarajan, Sai Kishore

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Key Matches to Watch

Lyca Kovai Kings vs. Chepauk Super Gillies (July 5th)

The TNPL 2024 season-opening between Lyca Kovai Kings and Chepauk Super Gillies promises to be an exciting game. This match promises to set the tone for the rest of the event. Both sides have powerful lineups and a reputation of producing high-octane performances. Fans can expect a fierce struggle as these teams compete for an early league lead.

Dindigul Dragons vs. Trichy Grand Cholas (July 6th)

The game between Dindigul Dragons and Trichy Grand Cholas on July 6th promises to be a heated competition. Both sides have constantly demonstrated a competitive attitude and skill. This makes this a must-see contest. With key players from both teams seeking to make a mark, this game will be a tightly contested affair that could go down to the wire.

Nellai Royal Kings vs. Chepauk Super Gillies (July 7th)

The match between Nellai Royal Kings vs. Chepauk Super Gillies on July 7th is keenly anticipated. Given the calibre and depth of both sides, this game is sure to be a showcase of high-quality cricket. With top players and strategic skills expected from both teams, viewers should expect an exciting encounter. This match has the potential to significantly impact the tournament’s early standings.

Tamil Nadu Premier League Venue

The Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024 has matches played at a variety of famous locations throughout Tamil Nadu. Each brings its unique flavour to the tournament’s atmosphere. The Salem Cricket Foundation Ground in Salem is well-known for its large crowds. It is also known for its energetic environment. This makes it a favourite among both fans and players. Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science Cricket Ground in Coimbatore has modern facilities and a gorgeous environment. It makes it perfect for competitive cricket. The India Cements Cricket Ground in Tirunelveli is well-known for its exceptional pitch conditions and has hosted many memorable matches. Meanwhile, the NPR College Ground in Dindigul offers a more intimate atmosphere, allowing fans to get closer to the action. These venues highlight the talent of local players. 

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What is the Tamil Nadu Premier League?

The Tamil Nadu Premier League is a Twenty20 cricket league in Tamil Nadu, India. It was established by the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association in 2016 to provide a platform for local talent to showcase their skills. The league features 8 franchise teams representing different cities in Tamil Nadu.

When and where will the TNPL 2024 season be held?

The TNPL 2024 season will be held from 5th July to 4th August 2024. Matches will take place at various venues across Tamil Nadu, including the Salem Cricket Foundation Ground in Salem, the Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science Cricket Ground in Coimbatore, The India Cements Cricket Ground in Tirunelveli, and the NPR College Ground in Dindigul.

How are the teams in TNPL formed?

TNPL teams are franchise-based and represent different cities or districts in Tamil Nadu. Each team has a mix of local talent and players from other regions. Players are typically selected through a draft or auction process, where franchises bid for their preferred players.

How can I watch TNPL 2024 matches?

You can watch the TNPL 2024 matches on television through various sports channels that have broadcasting rights. 

Who were the past winners of the TNPL?

Since its inception in 2016, several teams have won the TNPL title. In 2023, the Lyca Kovai Kings won the tournament. 


The Tamil Nadu Premier League 2024 is building up to be a memorable season, with an exciting combination of youthful talent and seasoned professionals. The TNPL 2024 aims to provide high-quality cricket action. So, if you are a die-hard cricket fan or a casual watcher, this year’s competition has something for everyone. Mark your calendars for the season beginning on July 5th, 2024 and ending on August 4th, 2024. Follow your favourite teams and experience the great performances that the TNPL is known for. This season promises to celebrate the essence of Tamil Nadu cricket. It also provides sheer pleasure to fans around the world. Prepare to be part of the amazing tournament!

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