Understanding the Difference Between Types of Cricket Betting

March 20, 2023
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Want to learn the difference between types of cricket betting? Read this guide and gain an understanding of major cricket betting options before making a bet! 

Cricket betting is an exciting and popular way to get involved in the sport, but it’s important to know the different types of bets you can make if you want to maximize your chances of winning. In this guide, you’ll learn the differences between the various types of cricket bets, their associated odds, and more.

Learn about the different types of cricket bets and odds

Depending on the outcome of your bet, cricket betting might yield a wide range of results. The match bet, in which the bettor attempts to correctly anticipate the outcome of a match, is by far the most common sort of wager. 

Another type of bet involves picking a victor in a series of five games or more. Top batsman/bowler bets and wicket bets are two more prominent types of bets that provide additional opportunities to wager on performance-based outcomes. 

The odds on cricket matches and series can fluctuate dramatically based on factors including the magnitude of the event, the strength of the teams competing, the state of the pitch, and the state of the weather.

Match Betting

Match betting is the most popular type of betting in cricket. This wager is easy because there are only three possible outcomes. You’ll choose whether you think the home team will win, the away team will win, or the score will result in a tie. So long! This bet’s popularity among cricket gamblers stems from its ease of use.

Toss Winner

Bets on who will win the toss are the most common in cricket. The outcome of the game often depends on the outcome of the coin toss. You just wager on who you think will win the toss of a coin before the game begins. Because the outcome is completely random, the odds are always even (i.e., if you bet Rs.100 and your team wins the toss, you will receive Rs.110.)

Match Winner

The cricket match bet is one of the most common types of cricket betting. Here, you can pick the victorious team you predict will take the win in a certain game. Match bets typically have favourable odds, and it’s not hard to turn a profit with a little bit of prep work.

Series Winner

When two teams compete for a title throughout three, five, or more games, it is called a series. The team with the longest winning streak in the series is declared the victor. If both teams are evenly matched, the series can end in a tie. The Indian Premier League (IPL) championship is a great example of a competition consisting of multiple games with a clear victor. Before betting on the IPL, it is advisable to look at the odds of the top IPL series winner.

Top Batsman

The top batsman bet is another common type of bet in cricket matches. Here, you’ll select a player you think will finish a game with the highest run total. Here, it’s essential to evaluate the batting line ups of both sides. The surface, home/away status, and opposing bowlers can all factor into your final decision, along with the team’s current form and batting average in that format. The odds provided by bookies will follow the same standards. Again, this is a bet that can pay off handsomely for cricket experts.

Top Bowler

The Top Bowler bet is a type of cricket bet that is gaining in popularity in cricket. Here, you wager on the bowler you think will collect the most wickets over the course of a certain match or series. With the right knowledge of the game and the players, this is a terrific opportunity to make some extra cash. Bowlers can wreak havoc on the opposing team’s batting order if they find the sweet spot between length and rhythm. 

The best bowlers of a match or series are determined by their total wickets, the fewest number of runs they allow, and the fewest number of balls it takes them to take a wicket. The odds would be set based on factors such as the condition of the field, the weather, whether the game is being played at home or away, and the strength of the opposition.

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Top Wicket-Taker

Yes, it’s different from the Top Bowler! It’s common practice to wager on which bowler will finish with the most wickets. It would generally be the first innings of a cricket test. Betting on the most wickets taken during a day game or T20 is also an option. When deciding between bowlers with the same number of wickets, the team will prioritize the player who has allowed the fewest runs. Cricket betting odds are determined by the same standards by all bookmakers. These chances are calculated using a variety of factors, including the format, venue, opposition, weather, and pitch.

To Score 50 Runs 

Choose the batters you think will each score 50 runs or more. Examine each player’s track record to find out who to wager on.

To Score 100 Runs

Select the batter you think will score a hundred, and you’ll win the bet. You may get a good idea of who will win by looking at the players’ recent form and their track records against other teams.

First Wicket

An online betting market exists in which players can wager on which player will be dismissed first during an innings. Regardless of the reason for termination. When an umpire dismisses the first batsman in an innings, that is known as the First Wicket. It is also possible to wager on the bowler who will take the wicket, the overall number of runs scored, and the manner of dismissal. These odds, as well as additional options for the first wicket in a cricket match, can be found at most online cricket betting sites, including N8. 

Most Run Outs

The Most Run Outs Bet is a popular type of cricket bet. You can use this wager on any cricket match, be it a Test, a one-day game, or a Twenty20. Choosing which team you think will have the most run-outs throughout the match is the first step in placing a Most Run Outs Bet. Following the selection of your team, you will need to determine the amount of money you wish to wager. Your possible returns are directly proportional to the sum you wager.

Man of the Match

This is the player who typically has the greatest impact on the final score. This player may be on the winning or losing squad, but they are more likely to be on the winning team. You’ll find better odds here than at the other major sites. Victory at odds of more than fifteen to one is not unprecedented.

Total Match Boundaries

Common odds for this wager are 40–50 runs per innings or more, and/or more than one boundary each inning. Over/under odds may also be offered by the bookies. Betting on the number of borders, such as fours, sixes, or neither, is also an option. The amount of sixes scored in an innings or by a batter is a popular market in cricket betting, which is why it is offered online. The total amount of boundaries hit during a Test match may also be bet on.

Over-Under Score

In cricket, the most common betting type is the Over/Under Score Bet. Here, you’ll guess whether the team will score more or fewer than the specified number of runs. Betting on the Over indicates that you anticipate a higher total score, while betting on the Under indicates that you anticipate a lower total score.

Most sixes

One way to wager is on which batsman will score the most sixes during the game. If you know which batters are in strong form and likely to score huge runs, this can be a decent bet. Since the bookies don’t always price this bet accurately, you can often discover good value on it.

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Frequently asked questions about the types of cricket betting

What are the 3 types of cricket matches you can bet on?

You can bet on Test Matches, One-Day matches, or Twenty-20 cricket matches. 

What is the best bet in cricket?

Match Winner is probably the best bet in cricket. 

Is cricket good to bet on?

Cricket matches continue to happen all through the year. Cricket doesn’t have clear seasons, which makes it a great choice for people who plan to bet often.

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