Highest Strike Rate in IPL – Revealing Top 5 Fastest Scorers in IPL History

April 22, 2024
Highest Strike Rate in IPL

Welcome to the high-voltage world of T20 cricket, where every boundary echoes with anticipation and every six sends the fans into a frenzy. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is at the core of this cricket show, where skill meets adrenaline and records are broken regularly.

In the tumultuous world of the IPL, the highest strike rate in IPL reigns supreme, acting as the ultimate indicator of a batsman’s abilities. As we journey through its glorious history, we delve deep into the archives to discover the stories of the league’s most fierce run scorers.

Join us as we highlight the top five quickest scorers in IPL history, praising their bold strokeplay, unflinching determination, and relentless quest of cricketing greatness. From Chris Gayle’s towering sixes to AB de Villiers’ bold innovations, each player adds a distinct flavour to the game, leaving an unforgettable impact on cricket history.

So buckle on and get ready to be amazed as we uncover the stories of these cricketing legends who have left an everlasting mark on the exciting drama of the Indian Premier League.

Top 5 Fastest Scorers in IPL History

Andre Russell

One of the top 5 fastest scorers in IPL history is Andre Russel. He emerges as a fearsome force in the high-octane Indian Premier League (IPL), recognized for his blistering hitting and game-winning heroics. Russell’s IPL career has spanned from 2012 to 2024 and has been nothing short of exciting. Russell’s statistics say eloquently about his impact on the game, with 2417 runs in 119 matches and an excellent average of 29.83.

However, it is his explosive strike rate of 174.63 that distinguishes him. Russell has 11 half-centuries to his name and a best score of 88* not out, leaving a path of carnage in his wake. His ability to easily clear the ropes, combined with his propensity for delivering devastating bounds, has made him a menace for opposition bowlers.

MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine, well-known for his ball-handling prowess, has also made his mark as one of the top 5 fastest scorers in IPL history with spectacular batting performances. From 2012 until 2024, Narine’s impact on the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) roster was diverse. While he is best recognized for his bowling abilities, his batting efforts have frequently supplied vital momentum to his team.

In 169 matches, Narine has demonstrated his ability to wield the willow with a strike rate of 163.03, proving to be a formidable weapon at the top of the order. Despite his lower batting average of 16.04, his aggressive attitude has paid off, including a remarkable century with a top score of 109.

MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone, a rising star in the IPL, has quickly made a name for himself with his spectacular batting displays. Livingstone’s aggressive style at the top of the order, which spans 2019 to 2024 and includes stints with the Punjab Kings (PBKS) and Rajasthan Royals (RR), has piqued the interest of fans and commentators alike.

In 38 matches, Livingstone has scored 939 runs at an outstanding average of 29.34, asserting his authority with a strike rate of 163.02. While he has yet to reach a century, his six half-centuries and a maximum score of 94 demonstrate his propensity to accelerate innings when it counts the most.

MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran is the next one of the best 5 fastest scorers in IPL history. He is a strong middle-order batsman, who has made an everlasting impact on the IPL with his clean hitting and ability to turn games around. Pooran has demonstrated his abilities for several franchises between 2019 and 2024, including Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings), Lucknow Super Giants (LSG), Punjab Kings again, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Pooran has 1516 runs in 69 matches, an amazing average of 30.32, and a strike rate of 157.91 when using the willow. Despite not scoring a century, his seven half-centuries and maximum score of 77 demonstrate his ability to anchor the innings and accelerate if needed.

MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is on our list of the top 5 fastest scorers in IPL history. He is a T20 cricket maverick, who has made an unforgettable impact on the IPL with his inventive strokeplay and ability to shift gears fluidly. Maxwell’s IPL career spanned 2012 to 2024, and he represented the Delhi Capitals (DC), Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings), Mumbai Indians (MI), and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Maxwell has scored a phenomenal 2751 runs at an average of 25.23 in 130 matches, demonstrating his proclivity for rapid scoring with a strike rate of 156.39. While he’s narrowly missed out on centuries, his 18 half-centuries and maximum score of 95 demonstrate his consistency and influence in the middle innings.

MatchesInningsRunsHighest ScoreAverageStrike Rate100s50s4s6s

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Who has the highest strike rate in IPL history among the top five fastest scorers?

Andre Russell leads the way with an incredible strike rate of 174.63.

Have any of the top five fastest scorers scored a century in the IPL?

Sunil Narine has scored one century in his IPL career.

Which player in the top five has played for the most IPL teams?

Glenn Maxwell has played for four different IPL clubs in his career: the Delhi Capitals, Kings XI Punjab, the Mumbai Indians, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Are there any players in the top five who have not scored a century but have a large amount of half-centuries?

While Glenn Maxwell has not struck a century, he has an outstanding 18 half-centuries in the IPL.

Aside from strike rates, what other batting statistics distinguish the top five fastest IPL scores in history?

In addition to their strong strike rates, these players have combined to hit 764 sixes and 842 fours in IPL matches, demonstrating their ability to dominate bowling attacks with aggressive stroke play.


The top five quickest scorers in IPL history have left an indelible impact on the league with their blistering batting performances and incredible strike rates. Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Liam Livingstone, Nicholas Pooran, and Glenn Maxwell have revolutionized power hitting, delighting fans with their quick and decisive scoring. Beyond their numbers, these players have affected the dynamics of T20 cricket, bringing strategic advantages to their clubs while also increasing the IPL’s entertainment value. As the league evolves, the next generation of T20 superstars will undoubtedly provide more magnificent innings, keen to imitate the success of their great predecessors. The legacy of these fast scorers stands as a tribute to the IPL’s enduring attractiveness.

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