Most Runs in Test Cricket: Indian Players With Highest Scores

July 28, 2023
most runs in test cricket

Cricket is a sport that flows through the veins of millions of Indians. The sport has seen countless great moments. Test cricket has a particular place in the hearts of cricket fans. It not only has some powerful matches but also terrific performances.  Cricket has blessed us with tremendous talent over the years. It has produced legendary batsmen who have left incredible records.

We shall see the moments that left cricket fans stunned and proud as we reveal the records and innings of Indian players in Test cricket. Furthermore, we will investigate the strategic brilliance and strategies that helped them to flourish in the game’s longest format.The ability of these players to adapt to situations, confront the finest bowlers, and withstand the demands of Test cricket speaks volumes about their abilities. This blog will investigate the incredible Test cricket performances of Indian players. We will focus on the most runs scored by these cricketing legends. Their accomplishments have brought national pride and left an unforgettable impression on the world of cricket. So let us see who gains the top spot in the most runs in test cricket list.

Top 10 Indian Players Scored Most Runs in Test Cricket

From Sachin to Gavaskar, here we will list the top run scorers in Test Cricket.

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin is called the “God of Cricket.” From the beginning, the world appreciated his potential. People recognised something special about this young man. Sachin had a remarkable 24-year career that started in 1989 through 2013. He earns the top spot in the most runs in test cricket list.

During these 24 years, Sachin has the most runs scored in 200 test matches. This is way more than any other player in test cricket history. He also set a record with 51 centuries. This is the most by any individual in tests. He is regarded as the greatest batsman in history and is rightly the legend that he is.


2. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is ranked second in test cricket for having scored the most runs in cricket for test matches. Dravid made his test debut in 1996 against England and had a successful show thereafter. Later, he finally retired in 2012. He was a specialist test batsman due to his calm demeanour, technique, and talent. He boasts of a dazzling average of 52.3. He rightfully takes the second spot in the most runs in test cricket list.

Dravid was an incredible batsman. So much so that he was extremely difficult to remove for the bowlers. He used to tire out the bowlers and could bat all day in a test match. Rahul Dravid has saved India from disasters such as 180* against Australia in Kolkata and 233 against Australia at Adelaide Oval. Dravid is a role model for all next-generation batsmen. Rahul Dravid has faced the most balls of any batsman.


3. Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar earns the third spot on our list. In 1971, Gavaskar made his stellar test debut. The match was against the West Indies. The world was taken aback by Gavaskar’s calibre. He easily defeated the most ferocious bowlers of the day. Some examples include Malcolm Marshall, Michael Holding, Jeff Thomson, and others.

Gavaskar retired from test cricket in 1987. During his 16-year career, he scored 51.1 runs per game on average. At the time, the wickets were heaven for fast bowlers and hell for batters. He is one of three Indian batsmen with over 10,000 test runs. Gavaskar is also the first Indian to have three centuries in both innings of a test match.


4. VVS Laxman

VVS Laxman has the fourth-highest runs (8781) in tests for India. VVS made his test debut against South Africa in 1996 and played his final test against Australia in 2012. Laxman was a vital member of India’s test team. He was a dependable, polished player best renowned for his superb flick shot. VVS scored runs at a solid 45.97 average.

He faced the top bowlers of his era, including Brett Lee, Gleen McGrath, Jason Gilespie, Shoaib Akhtar, Chaminda Vaas, Muralitharan, and others. Laxman holds the record for being not out the most times (34) in tests for India. For the past 9 years, VVS has held the record for the fourth-highest run-scorer.


5. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli ranks fifth in most runs scored in Test Cricket. He has been playing test cricket for 9 years and delivered some power-packed performances. He has dominated every format with ease. Kohli is a player who has excelled in every situation and every place. He is a deserving player to be on our fifth spot for the most runs in test cricket. 

In the most entertaining format of the game, he averages 49.29. Kohli has scored 29 hundred so far.  After being defeated by New Zealand in the recent World Test Championship final, Kohli-led India lost the match.


6. Virender Sehwag

Former Indian explosive opener Virender Sehwag has scored the sixth most runs in cricket in the longest version of the game. He made his debut test appearance against South Africa in 2001. Sehwag finally retired from international cricket in 2013. He is the only opener with a batting average of 49.43. This is recorded from 2001 to 2010 time period.He used to give every bowler in the world literal nightmares. This is because he would start hammering bowlers from the first ball. He was one of the rare hitters who never changed his batting strategy. He was one batsman that was hard to evict. Sehwag achieved four double-hundreds and two triple-centuries during his Test career. In 2008, he had his greatest game against South Africa. Virender Sehwag gains the 6th position for the most runs in test cricket.


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7. Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is the next batsman on our list of the most runs scored. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly holds a record for high runs scored in tests for India. He continued his batting streak for years. Ganguly finally retired in 2008 and has the 7th position in the most runs in test cricket.

In tests, Ganguly was a dependable middle-order batsman. In test cricket, he batted at Nos. 5 and 6. His test average was 42.17, which was above average. In the longest version of the game, Ganguly has also achieved 16 centuries and 35 half-centuries.


8. Cheteshwar Pujara

Cheteshwar Pujara is India’s current top-order batsman. He comes in the eighth position for scoring the most runs scored in test cricket. Pujara is extremely difficult to escape from.

In a test match, the batting maestro can bat all day. Pujara is nicknamed the “second wall”. This is mainly because of his calm demeanour. He has made runs with a remarkable average of 43.60. Pujara is one of those who can wear down bowlers and play selflessly for the country.


9. Dilip Vengsarkar

The next cricket player on our list is Indian batsman Dilip Vengsarkar ranks eighth all-time in test cricket runs for India. He scored runs at a 42.13 average during a time when wickets were bowler-friendly.

His best score was 166 against Sri Lanka at Cuttack in 1987 from 279 balls. Dilip is only the second player from the 1980s to join the list of India’s top ten test run scorers.


10. Mohammad Azharuddin

Mohammad Azharuddin was an ex-Indian captain. He ranks 10th on our list of the most runs scored in Test Cricket. He has scored the tenth-highest runs in tests for India. Azharuddin’s brave, graceful batting was a treat to witness.

He made his test debut in 1984 and last played in 2000. He batted 45.03 per cent of the time. He has over 22 centuries as well as 21 half-centuries in his phenomenal cricket career.


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