IPL 2024 Ranking Analysis – Who are the Top Teams?

April 26, 2024
ipl 2024 ranking analysis

The competition for cricket supremacy is more intense than ever in IPL 2024. In this esteemed competition, each team competes for supremacy while displaying skill, cunning, and fortitude on the field. The current standings give an indication of cricketing prowess as the season is well underway.

We see teams with extraordinary skill and tenacity at the top of the list. The competition is fierce, whether it is due to the brilliant strategy of Chennai Super Kings, the explosive batting of Mumbai Indians, or the all-around skill of teams like Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Every game has its own drama and surprises as established clubs battle to stay on top while underdogs take on the Titans. The teams that aim to grow higher are Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Royal Challengers Bangalore. They all depend on their best players to put up incredible performances.

Fans are treated to a display of cricketing genius as the league goes on, with every side doing everything within their power to win the Indian Premier League. The race to determine the ultimate champion offers drama, excitement, and cricket field memories that will last a lifetime. The stakes are stronger than ever.

IPL Points Table 2024

Here’s a glance at the IPL Points Table for the 2024 season:

PositionTeamsMatchesWonLostTiedNRPointsNRRSeries Form
1Rajasthan Royals8710014+0.698W, W, W, L, W
2Kolkata Knight Riders7520010+1.206W, L, W, L, W
3Sunrisers Hyderabad8520010+0.914W, W, W, W, L
4Lucknow Super Giants8530010+0.148W, W, L, L, W
5Chennai Super Kings844008+0.415L, L , W, W, L

Exploring the Team Strengths | IPL 2024 

Rajasthan Royals

The IPL 2024 favourites, Rajasthan Royals, have taken the lead and established a commanding lead at the top of the standings. They have shown to be a formidable team with an outstanding record of seven victories in eight games. Their advantage is further highlighted by their positive Net Run Rate (NRR) of +0.698, which indicates not only triumphs but also dominant performances on the field.

The Rajasthan Royals have proven to be incredibly resilient in the face of difficulty, rising above defeats with tenacity and energy. Their steady form amply demonstrates their deep talent, competence, and capacity to perform under duress throughout the series. The Rajasthan Royals are still a serious contender as the season goes on, ready to hold onto their lead and put in a solid challenge for the IPL championship. Their incredible performances have definitely won over fans all around the world and cemented their place as one of the league’s most formidable teams.

Kolkata Knight Riders

In the IPL 2024, the Kolkata Knight Riders have proven themselves, taking second place in the standings, which is impressive. They have won five of their last seven games, demonstrating a great performance that is highlighted by their remarkable Net Run Rate (NRR) of +1.206. This shows their supremacy on the field in addition to their capacity to win games. The Knight Riders have proven their tenacity and resolve by persevering through a few setbacks and rising above them with strength and determination. 

Their success has been largely attributed to their well-balanced batting and bowling abilities, which allow them to compete well against strong opponents. The Knight Riders are still a powerful team, ready to fight for the top slot and put up a hard fight for the IPL championship as the competition goes on. They are now considered genuine competitors in the league thanks to their persistent performances and spirit of competition, which have won them the respect and adoration of both opponents and supporters.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

In the 2024 IPL team, Sunrisers Hyderabad has shown themselves to be a powerful force, putting up strong performances that have placed them among the leading contenders. They have proven they can compete at a high level in the tournament, having the same number of victories as the Kolkata Knight Riders. With an impressive Net Run Rate (NRR) of +0.914, they have demonstrated that they can perform under duress and perform well when it counts most. The Sunrisers’ skill, tenacity, and teamwork have been evident.

They are a force to be reckoned with because of their balanced approach to bowling and batting, which has allowed them to overcome even the most formidable opponents. Sunrisers Hyderabad will surely continue to be a serious threat to their opponents as the IPL goes on, as they want to move up the standings and compete for the grand prize. Their tenacity and dependability have won them the respect and affection of both opponents and supporters, securing their place as the league’s top challenger.

Lucknow Super Giants

With five victories in eight games, the Lucknow Super Giants have shown that they are a strong rival in the cricket IPL 2024. Although they don’t have the best Net Run Rate (NRR) of +0.148, their ability to secure crucial wins highlights their potential as strong title challengers. Their tournament journey has been characterized by tenacity and resolve, and each victory has demonstrated their capacity to function well under duress. 

Their emphasis on obtaining vital points has put them in the running for the top slots in the standings, even though their NRR may not be as high as that of some other teams. The Lucknow Super Giants will surely keep showcasing their abilities on the field as the season goes on to keep up their momentum and establish themselves as one of the league’s best teams. Their determination to win the IPL will depend heavily on their perseverance and resolve, as every game will provide new obstacles.

Chennai Super Kings

With four victories and four losses thus far in the season, the Chennai Super Kings, an established IPL powerhouse, have had a mixed season. Their positive Net Run Rate (NRR) of +0.415 indicates their ability to influence matches in their favour even when their win-loss ratio is even. The Super Kings, who are renowned for their expertise and tactical sense, have overcome obstacles with tenacity and resolve. 

Even though they might have had setbacks, their ability to keep up a strong run rate shows that they can take advantage of opportunities and dominate the field. The Super Kings are ready to use their experienced roster and strategic acumen to gain ground and move up the standings as the competition goes on. They are still a powerful force because of their championship heritage and history of comebacks.

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Which squad is at the top of the IPL 2024 Points Standings right now?

With seven victories from eight games and a total of 14 points, the Rajasthan Royals are presently atop the IPL 2024 Points Table.

In the IPL 2024, whose team has the greatest Net Run Rate (NRR)?

At an astounding +1.206 after seven games, the Kolkata Knight Riders have the greatest Net Run Rate (NRR) in the 2024 Indian Premier League.

How many teams are taking part in the 2024 Indian Premier League?

Ten teams in all will be vying for the coveted crown in the IPL 2024, each exhibiting their strategies and abilities on the cricket pitch.

What role does Net Run Rate (NRR) have in the IPL standings?

In the IPL standings, net run rate (NRR) is used as a tiebreaker. It is computed by taking the total number of runs a side has given up and subtracting it from the total number of runs they have scored, then dividing the result by the total number of overs played.

What factors go into creating the IPL rankings?

The Net Run Rate (NRR), the number of victories, and the total points each team earned during the competition are used to calculate the IPL standings.


The cricket world is treated to exhilarating encounters, amazing performances, and surprising twists and turns as cricket IPL 2024 goes on. The 10 teams fighting for IPL championship are in intense competition, as seen by the current standings. Every squad adds a distinct flavor to the competition, from the Chennai Super Kings’ tenacity to the Rajasthan Royals’ dominating performances.

The IPL Points Table measures teams’ results, while variables like Net Run Rate and series form offer more detailed information about their advantages and disadvantages. Some teams are pushing their way up the ladder because a desire for success and determination drives them. Others have risen to the top thanks to outstanding win records and high NRRs.

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